Advanced Food Microbiology Course

Dr Steve Forsythe

Best time after Essential Food Microbiology Course' if intermediate knowledge is required.

Part 1: Food poisoning micro-organisms

Part 2: Microbiological specifications and guidelines

Background :

This one day taught course (no laboratory work) is designed to up-date an industrial microbiologist, or equivalent, with regard to current
issues in food microbiology and the detection of specified organisms in foodstuffs, via the setting of microbiological specifications or criteria. Issues such as the recognition of emerging food pathogens and the link with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and Microbiological Risk Assessment will be covered.

A basic knowledge of microbiology is assumed, i.e. aseptic techniques, selective media and the identity of the principal food pathogens.
Prior attendance at 'Essential Food Microbiology' is not necessary.

This course is available for delivery at food companies on request
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