Essential Food Microbiology Course

Prof Steve Forsythe

Best attended before 'Advanced Food Microbiology Course'

Part 1: Microbial Flora of Foods

Part 2: Monitoring and Control

Part3: Assured Food Safety and Information Sources

Background :

This one day taught course (with demonstrations) is designed for laboratory staff working in microbiology who have a basic understanding of microbiological techniques and procedures but may not have received formal training. It is ideal for those who have transferred from other sectors such as chemistry or engineering.
Part 1 covers the major aspects of food microbiology, including the sources of microbes in foods, the organisms of concern in both food poisoning and food spoilage. The methods used to predict a product's shelf-life are considered as well as the use of approved methods for the detection of microbes.
Part 2 explains the principles of microbial control in the work environment and sampling techniques.
Part 3 will explain the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and its implementation in the food industry. Accessing the internet for support software and information sources will be covered.

A basic knowledge of microbiology is assumed, i.e. aseptic techniques, selective media and the identity of the principal food pathogens.

This course is available for delivery at food companies on request

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